David Hutchison

Position: Director and Principle Planning Consultant

David has over 37 years of experience in the planning profession, including 7 years working in Local Government where he rose to the position of City Planner at the City of Enfield, managing both the Planning and Community Services teams.

During his employment, David has developed strong skills as a negotiator together with extensive experience in a diverse range of fields such as the preparation of Development Plan Amendments, Development Control, Planning Appeals, Project Management, Heritage Planning, Environmental Assessment, Tourism Development and Main Street Planning and Development.

David has worked extensively in the areas of regional and local planning, taking responsibility for many major development proposals, the preparation of numerous planning documents/reports and the management and preparation of a considerable number of Development Plan Amendments.

David is responsible for the procurement and management of projects involving strategic planning, policy formulation and development, and development assessment.

He has developed a relationship with a wide range of consultants, Government officials, legal firms, architects and Councils, and has acted as planning consultant and planner for many Metropolitan and Rural Councils. He has appeared as an expert witness before the Environment Resources and Development Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court and Liquor Licensing Tribunal.

David has acted in matters in Victoria, NSW, Northern Territory and Western Australia and has extensive experience in the development of telecommunications facilities for the major carriers across Australia.

David is a Private Certifier for planning under the SA Residential Code.

Adam Williams

Position: Senior Planner

Adam has more than 16 years’ experience as an urban and regional planner in South Australia. In the past 12 years Adam has honed his development assessment knowledge in Local Government which included seven years as a Senior/Principal Planner.

Adam’s range of knowledge includes:

  • Provision of advice and expertise to clients seeking to undertake development within the State.
  • Assess and report on complex or controversial development applications in accordance with statutory requirements and time frames.
  • Provide professional and technical advice to clients in respect to the Development Act 1993, Community Titles Act 1996, Environment Protection Act 1993, Local Government Act 1999 and Native Vegetation Act 1991.
  • Provided advice and support to clients in the preparation of DPA’s.
  • Provided advice and support to Councils in the preparation of Strategic Reports (Section 30 reviews)
  • Provide advice and support to clients in the preparation of master plans and strategic documents

Since 1999 Adam has worked at the City of Onkaparinga, the Port Pirie Regional Council, the City of Prospect and the City of West Torrens. Adam also worked in the private sector at QED Pty Ltd between 2000 and 2004. His experience spans both metropolitan and regional areas with his most recent focus being on urban infill and revitalisation of inner suburban areas.

Adam has also worked on the development of planning policies during his time in both the private and public sector, with the goal of enhancing and promoting efficient and economic solutions to development outcomes.

Adam has extensive experience with Council Assessment Panels and has negotiated many compromises when dealing with appeals lodged with the Environment, Resources and Development Court.

As a Senior Planner Adam understands the importance of “looking beyond the numbers” in order to appreciate good development outcomes. He also has a sound understanding of the challenges often faced in delivering good development results. Adam endeavours to consider all the possibilities when working with clients and enjoys working collaboratively on projects which generate win/win solutions.

Nick Wilson

Position: Planner

Nick completed a Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning with the University of South Australia in 2016, and graduated with Second Class Honours. He began working with Access Planning as an undergraduate while completing his studies, and progressed to a full-time role in 2017.

Nick also gained experience working in the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resource during his time at university, where he worked with the State Heritage Unit in a development assessment and research support role.

During his time in the industry Nick has gained a valuable insight into, and broad range of experience working with clients in areas such as preliminary land assessment and pre-lodgement advice; development facilitation where he has assisted clients with a range of projects including residential, commercial and industrial projects of various scales; and, in development assessment working with a number of rural Councils across the State.

A competent and motivated professional, he is passionate about building strong and lasting relationships within the industry and applying his in-depth knowledge and excellent communication skills in order to secure positive outcomes for his clients. Nick is fully-committed to establishing himself as a prominent and reputable planning consultant in the South Australian development industry.

Lukas Davis

Position: Planner

Lukas is a graduate planner with a broad-minded and pragmatic approach to development assessment and development advisory. After graduating from the University of South Australia’s Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning program with First Class Honours, he joined the Access Planning team in a part-time role in July of 2017.

Lukas has one and a half years’ experience in a local government context at Mount Barker District Council working within the City Development Planning Team. In his role Lukas provided development advice and community consultation that sought to provide a coordinated and efficient service delivery to manage and sustain the growth of the District, whilst also regularly assisting with development assessment processes. Lukas was part of a team that undertook involved the public consultation process for the Nairne and Environs; and Rural (Primary Production Protection) Development Plan Amendments which introduced substantial zoning amendments to the District Council of Mount Barker Development Plan.

This experience allows Lukas to apply his comprehensive, cordial and pragmatic approach to local government development assessment projects and development advice to clients, providing results-focused outcomes for local government and private sector clients.

Lukas is continually striving to improve his professional skills, as well as his industry and multi-disciplinary knowledge. In addition to his part-time role at Access Planning, Lukas devotes time to his postgraduate doctoral studies at the University of South Australia.